Department of Juvenile Services

The Department of Juvenile Services' mission is to provide preventive and rehabilitative services to juveniles and families in need. Our goal is to assist in preserving the family unit while providing guidance to the youth.

Help for Youth and Families
Crisis Interventions.
Access to individual and family counseling.
Referral services to other agencies 
Preventative programs / services
Probation supervision
Juvenile Court Assistance

Help for Law Enforcement / Juvenile Court
Administering court orders.
Probation supervision .
Operation of McMinn County Juvenile Center.
24 Hour-on-call services.
Pre-sentence investigations.
Organizing and setting of court dockets

Help for Schools
School Board Delinquency Prevention Project.
Referral / access to state agency services.
Community service work after school hours.
Supervision of juveniles on probation..
Law Related Education classes.
Preventative programs /  presentations.

Help for the Community
Community services preventative programs.
Community awareness presentations 
Restitution program for victims

Office is located at the Courthouse Annex Building
5 South Hill St.
Athens, TN  37303
Phone: (423)745-8782
Fax (423)745-7872

Ric Wilson - Director
Dustin Prichard - Assistant Director
Wylie Richardson - Juvenile Court Judge
Ann Landreth - Office Manager
Paige Chamberlain - Youth Services Officer
Melissa Hughes - Youth Services Officer
Fanessa Fisher - Youth Services Officer



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