McMinn County, Tennessee

Register of Deeds

ImageCheryl Ingram, Register

McMinn County Register of Deeds
6 East Madison Avenue
Athens, TN 37303
(423) 745-1232


Chief Deputy Register: Valerie Pickel
Deputy Register: Wilma Armstrong
Deputy Register: Kaylyn Ingram

Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Requirements to Register Documents

Located on the main floor of the courthouse, the Register of Deeds' office handles the recording of real estate conveyances, deeds of trust, leases, charters, bonds of county officials, contracts and other documents, and makes certified copies of these instruments when needed.  This office is elected county-wide every 4 years.

E-recordings are now accepted through Simplifile and Corporation Service Company (CSC).

We also accept debit/credit cards.
*No American Express Credits Cards

You can search records by accessing US Title Search Network for a charge per search or pay a monthly fee. If you have problems with this service call Progress Inc. at 1 (800) 394-7477.

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